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Root canal therapy is essential for any damage that is sustained to your pulp within your root canal. If left untreated, damage to your pulp will destroy your tooth and potentially inflict life-threatening conditions upon the body due to serious infections. To prevent this from occurring, and to save the tooth, a root canal therapy is often used to save the day.

Tooth enamel loss could lead to a root canal being needed because the decay from a tooth has caused a cavity, which in turn, has left your pulp vulnerable to disease. Additionally, tooth enamel loss can occur due to trauma associated with oral accidents and injuries at any time. It is possible for a tooth to be cracked at a microscopic level, which still leaves the pulp vulnerable to many harmful bacterias.

Multiple dental procedures to a tooth can also leave the tooth susceptible to failure. Whenever tooth enamel is removed from a tooth, it becomes all the more susceptible to harm. If your previous dental procedures should fail or do not adequately protect your pulp from outside interference, infection can occur, thus requiring the need for a root canal.

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