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When you receive new dentures from James M Strang Junior DDS PLLC, they were designed by our talented dentist to restore the function of your smile by replacing compromised or missing teeth. Your dentures can last for years and years if you take proper care of them by cleaning and maintaining them every day. Dr. James Strang offers dental tips to help you keep your dentures clean.

Denture adhesive is a common method used to keep dentures securely in place and prevent food particles from compromising the underlying gum tissue. If food particles do become caught between your gums and dentures, remove the particles by thoroughly rinsing the dentures and washing away any lingering adhesive. Then, apply more denture adhesive to the freshly cleaned surface of your appliance.

At the end of the day, when you remove your dentures, rinse them thoroughly to wash away any plaque that built up and any residual adhesive. Follow up the rinsing by using denture polish and a soft-bristled toothbrush to thoroughly brush your dentures, then soak the appliance in water overnight, storing them in a safe place.

Though your teeth are synthetic and can’t decay, you should still brush and clean your tongue twice every day to reduce plaque buildup and prevent the development of bad breath.

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