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Do you pursue excellent oral health habits but still lack the color you desire in your smile? Are your teeth corrupted from stains or discolorations? If so, a teeth whitening treatment may be exactly what you need to get your smile to its finest form. However, as with all oral health remedies, exercise caution and consult with our team before trying any new treatment.

The most abundant methods available for teeth whiteners are over-the-counter treatments. They can be purchased in stores around the country and online. However, they are unregulated and are not held to the guidelines of professional treatments. Some products are not capable of accomplishing the benefits they claim, and some can even harm your teeth, strip your tooth enamel, and bleach your gums.

If you seek the highest quality tooth whitener, professional treatments can be directly administered at your dentist’s office. With a single visit, it’s possible to improve the color of your teeth by nearly a dozen shades. Professional teeth whitening treatments are administered under the supervision of a dentist with products that are both safe and effective. Furthermore, your whitening tray is fully customized to your dental impression for the tightest and whitest smile teeth whiteners can offer.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to see if you are a candidate for a professional teeth whitening treatment, please call Dr. James Strang and the rest of our team at our dentist office in Colorado Springs, Colorado at 719-598-0971. Visit us today, and your smile will thank you!