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The essence of gum disease is a serious infection in the gum tissues that results in inflammation and eventual tooth loss. It affects millions of adult Americans, but can actually be easily prevented with dental hygiene. Because your oral and overall health are linked and gum disease can increase risk of heart disease and diabetes, we encourage you to seek treatment right away.

Gum disease occurs in stages, and the early symptoms of gingivitis, its first stage, include reddened gums that can bleed easily and cause bad breath. You should schedule an appointment with our dentist right away to discuss your options for treatment and learn how you can prevent additional health complications.

Gingivitis that remains untreated progresses into an aggressive form known as periodontitis, which causes the gum to undergo recession at the base of your teeth and form pockets of infection deep in your gums. Over time, you could lose the bone structure surrounding your teeth.

To prevent gum disease from costing you your smile, we invite you to call [pratice_name] at 719-598-0971 at the first sign of gum disease. Contact our office today to ask Dr. James Strang about treatment for gum disease in Colorado Springs, Colorado.